About Us

About Us

Apolo Engineering Ltd. is registered in the Republic of Bulgaria, with
head office in Sofia. Being a manufacturer of various types of ammunition
and armament, the company has a full license for international trade in
arms and dual-use products.

Apolo Engineering operates on the world arms market in full compliance
with all resolutions of the UN Security Council and international arms
control treaties.

Apolo Engineering’s focus market is the countries in the Middle East and
that’s why our strategic goals consist in expanding our activities to new
regional markets.

The range of defense products and services offered by the company
covers the needs of the army, the navy, the air force, coast and border
guard units, the air defense, special operations and police forces.

Along with its own production, Apolo Engineering is also involved in joint
ventures and contractual manufacturing with a number of military factories
throughout Europe, participating in production of different ammunition,
modernization and upgrade of military equipment, maintenance, repair
works, technical assistance and training in the field of production and
modernization of armored vehicles, howitzers, aircrafts and helicopters.

Established in 2005, due to the efforts of its employees and the proper
management, in 2016 Apolo Engineering has exceeded a 1 billion mark
in its historic turnover.


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