Medium Caliber Ammunition

    20x110 mm rounds for 20 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

    23x115 mm rounds for 23 mm Aircraft Guns GSh-23L and GSh-23LU

    23x152 mm rounds for 23 mm Anti-Aircraft Guns ZU-23-2 and ZSU-23-4

    30x165 mm rounds for 30 mm Guns 2A72, 2A42 and 2A38M

    30 x 165 mm rounds for Automatic Naval Weapon Systems AK-630, AK-306 (AO-18)

    30x165 mm rounds for 30 mm Aircraft Guns GSh-301, GSh-30, GSh-30K, GSh-6-30

    57x348 mm rounds for 57 mm Towed Automatic Anti-Aircraft Gun S-60

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